Black Lodge Laboratory began in 2000 as a side project called Tryptamine. The only member was and is John Putignano. After one release the name was changed to The Tryptamine Experience.

Cover art for the first album, 2003

Early music was extremely experimental with heavy sampling. It wasn’t until 2005 when BLL found it’s style in dark ambient, IDM, and drum & bass.

John Putignano circa 2005

In 2006 the name changed to Entheogenic Laboratory during which time John released many albums, EP’s, and splits. As the years went on John experimented with dub step a bit during which time he settled on the name Black Lodge Laboratory.

Cover art to Something Witchy

In 2015 BLL experimented with industrial music, adding lyrics and vocals done by John. In 2016 the album “Goddamn America” was released and shortly after BLL took a hiatus so John could focus on his writing.

Cover art to Goddamn America

In 2020 BLL started to make music again. 2022 saw the release of the album “Bedlam”.

John Putignano circa 2015

Throughout the years John has had a few collaborators. Previous collaborators include Sebastian Agomas, DJ Ryan Christopher, and Perry Padgett. 187 Love appeared on an EP split which was available on MySpace in 2005.

Perry Padgett (left) John Putignano (right) recording a version of Something Witchy in 2015

BLL is a very active project and John continues to release music just outside of Providence, RI. His releases are notorious for being sporadic as John doesn’t force himself to work, careful only to work when inspired.

John Putignano circa 2021
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